Mozaiko Bespoke

Work one-on-one with our founder and creative director Ana Risquez

Create custom decor pieces that tell your story

Whether for an event, hotel, restaurant, interior design project, gift, or simply to add a personal touch to your home with your very own custom accessories, Mozaiko Bespoke offers you the ability to create the unique decor pieces of your dreams. Each piece consists of one-of-a-kind prints, exclusive designs, and our signature, high-quality, functional materials.

Here’s how it works

1. Fill in the form below.  2. We set up a free consultation with our bespoke designer . 3. We send you two unique design mockups based on your vision . 4. You approve one of the designs and we produce your design within two week  5. You show off your custom product to your friends, colleagues, or loved ones