Where can I purchase Mozaiko products?

Online, through the e-commerce section of this website - just click on the“products” tab.


How can I receive information about upcoming collections?

By joining our mailing list located at the bottom of our Homepage.


Can your products be shipped internationally?

Yes, but take into account that our international shipping fees may vary depending on the country.

How do I care for my Mozaiko Products?

Clean with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid soap and harsh chemicals. Do not heat or place on or near a hot surface. Do not put in the dishwasher.You can remove small surface scratches by using Novus 3 cleaner. Acrylic can scratch easily, so we recommend that when storing them you stack them with foam sheets (included in the original packaging) in between each piece.


Are your charger plates sold individually or in sets?

Each design comes in sets of 4 units.


Are you interested in selling our products, or inquiring about our bespoke service?

If you are a store, hotel, event planner or interior designer you can reach us via email; info@getmozaiko.com or by filling out the form in the "bespoke" tab.